This is one of the largest projects we have carried out, a very complex work due to the size of the installation and its advanced level of home automation, so that you can get an idea, the client can control it from their mobile phone anywhere in the world. everything, simulate your presence by raising and lowering blinds, automatic doors, turning on lights, televisions, audio equipment, you know at all times whether the doors and windows are open or closed, you can extend and cover the pool cover, you know the salinity, PH, temperature etc. Of the pool.

Of course all the lighting is adjustable, being able to create scenes for reading, watching a movie, having a party, in addition to having video surveillance even if the power supply is cut off through a group of batteries. From Eléctrica Mallorca we can only thank you for your trust, Of course, we treated it at the level of the installation, always advising ourselves with our trusted engineer and the technical departments of the material suppliers.

Below we show you the photos.

We start with some photos of the exterior where you can see the progress of the work.
Little by little progress is being seen in the garden and pool.
And so it was finished, the pool has a cover so it doesn’t get dirty that can be controlled remotely from the home automation installation.
The following photos are from the interior.
Of course all the lighting can be regulated in intensity and you can also create scenes for reading, watching a movie, having a party, etc…
Yes, what you are seeing is a television with a robotic stand and integrated speakers. When you turn on the television, it rises and the sound is brutal.
To carry out this entire installation, the tube network is very large and complex, since the different installations cannot be mixed through the same tube to avoid interference and breakdowns. To give you an idea, we had electrical installation, home automation, alarm, fire protection, network IT, satellite television, sound and all this is embedded but I assure you that it is a very big job.
In the satellite television installation, we chose to install the TELEVES brand, a first brand, with this equipment the client can see different TV channels in each socket without interfering with the rest of the televisions.
In addition to the electrical protections, protection against electrical storms was installed in all electrical panels, guaranteeing the durability of the electronic equipment.
We provide the entire facility with both a high-quality WIFI network and fixed computer network positions. The WIFI network was completely hidden since we installed it inside the false ceilings.
Photo of the winery waiting for the wine bottles.
Photos of one of the 4 bedrooms of the house.
In all instances, touch screens were placed to control the entire installation from heating, air conditioning, motorized blinds, lighting, intercom, intercom between other rooms and a long etc…
In addition to installing the GIRA home automation touch screens, we installed removable iPad supports so that we could control the entire installation comfortably from the sofa or bed.
A gym cannot be missing in a home of this class.
And in a space left in the house that was initially not going to be used for anything, a cinema ended up being installed.
Below, Eléctrica Mallorca shows you some photos of the home’s bathrooms and their lighting.
These are the views from the chill out area on the roof.
The installation of the garage was initially requested on the surface.
This is the photo of the general picture of the house and the re-converter of the solar panels in addition to the electric vehicle charger.
On the garage ramp it was decided to install two LED strips and it was perfectly illuminated.
As is already the norm in our facilities, the electrical panels are left fully marked and with a shutter in the reserve spaces to avoid accidents. In addition to always using top brands to avoid breakdowns and possible accidents.
This is the computer, video surveillance and alarm rack, which was equipped with a UPS both to protect the electronic equipment and so that the video surveillance and alarm cameras can continue recording for 2 hours in case potential thieves cut off the supply. electric.

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