Discover in this section for yourself all our potential and all the fields we cover to guarantee our clients.


What would our lives be like without it? If you are looking for a new installation, to renovate the existing one or to make a small extension, count on us.

Our main characteristic is to guarantee the safety of people, animals and goods in addition to functionality and aesthetics, using only top brand materials and giving a unique touch to each installation.

Home Automation

Everyone is familiar with what home automation is and we relate it to smart homes, being able to manage both energy and security, well-being, and communication, giving it a connection with the world.

Nowadays there are many applications for mobile phones capable of connecting to the home and being able to check everything from its status to being able to open and close doors and blinds. Being able to manage the entire home and much more.

Energy Saving

In this section we believe that people are very interested since they are becoming more expensive. As long as it is not of the renewable type, at Electrica Mallorca we offer you the power to advise you on solar and wind installations, being able to considerably reduce its cost.

Furthermore, without having to use home automation or building automation (smart buildings), we can save considerably on its cost by automating your home at a basic level or simply replacing the existing lighting with LED technology.


When installing an antenna it is very important to take into account both the location and the materials to be used.

You must bear in mind that in the event of a storm or any incident, both the antenna and the masts are a danger and could fall on people or property.

Electric Vehicles

As you will see more and more electric vehicles on the market, from Electric Mallorca we can advise you on the best way to install your charging point.

The factors to take into account when designing a proposal to install charging points will be the type of vehicle, the use and frequency of charging and the type of user to whom we are going to provide a charging point.


Nowadays telecommunications are present in our lives and are essential for any type of home or business.

We advise our clients on the best way to integrate them into their installations, and thus avoid having to see cables above skirting boards or in surface installations in homes or new buildings.

From Electrical Mallorca we will advise you since we are authorized telecommunications installers.

Solar Energy

From the sun to your house, it couldn’t be more direct, reducing the cost of your electricity bill, being able to store energy for the night.

At Electrica Mallorca we always advise you on the best option for self-consumption in renewable energy installations, we take care of all the documentation to apply for subsidies and sell the energy you have left over to the electricity company, amortizing the investment as soon as possible, always using the leading brands in the sector to guarantee installation for many years.


In our facilities we add extra value by putting the maximum interest in ensuring that they are as good as possible for their functionality as well as their aesthetics.

We use the best materials on the market and the best manufacturing brands, guaranteeing a very long useful life. And solving all the needs of our clients.



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