On this occasion they called us to carry out the installation of the meter and temporary electrical panel for works in addition to the grounding of a home with home automation, elevator, etc… they required an excellent ground connection so that later they would not have any type of problem with the electronics.

At Eléctrica Mallorca we set out to obtain the best possible ground from its foundations. In addition, they also commissioned us to install the crane’s ground connection, in case lightning struck and could dissipate into the ground.

In the following image we can see an electrical panel pre-assembled by the supplier with current safety regulations such as the emergency button which cuts off the electricity to the entire work.

At Eléctrica Mallorca we have the appropriate tools and we only nail ground spikes 2 meters deep as required by the low voltage regulations.
Since the measurement is mandatory, as can be seen after three measurements the result was totally satisfactory with a very low resistance of 10.25 ohms, which on the other hand is what is sought.

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