Hello again and thank you for your trust.

This is what I said to a client who called us again after doing a small renovation in her Pilates studio. She was so happy that she once again trusted Eléctrica Mallorca to reform the electrical installation of her home, which had an installation that was It had become obsolete and was no longer safe.

We provide the installation with all the regulatory circuits and add extra circuits to separate the exterior installation from the home in such a way that if one day there is a breakdown outside it will not affect the home. Of course we installed television and computer network sockets in all bedrooms and living room.

At Eléctrica Mallorca we always work with top-level manufacturers, which is why both the TV cabling and the computer network cabling were installed from the TELEVES brand.
We decided with the owner on the location of the junction boxes, placing them behind the doors where once the work is finished and painted the same color as the walls, they are fully integrated, in addition to being a fantastic location to be able to work on future expansions and improvements.
Our commitment to quality. At Eléctrica Mallorca we only use the best manufacturers who in turn are the ones that give us the best guarantee that the customer will be satisfied, both the electrical panel and all its components are from the SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC brand.
If you look at the first line, just starting on the left, you will find the General circuit breaker along with the Protector against Transient and Permanent Over Voltages (lightning) caused by breakdowns in the distribution network. At Eléctrica Mallorca we take it very seriously that they are not damaged. your appliances since nowadays all the appliances in a home use electronic circuits which are susceptible to damage.
This was the initial state, you can imagine the problems it had when it suffered a breakdown, because searching for that breakdown was quite a complicated job, however now everything is sectored with the savings it represents when looking for a future breakdown.
The only thing missing is the final coat of paint.

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