A client called us to install an electric charger for his vehicle, when we went to see the work we could see that in the existing panel it was impossible to install the necessary protections due to lack of space, in addition to the fact that he already had an accident and burned a overload differential.

At Eléctrica Mallorca we gave him two options and in the end he chose the most coherent one, which was to change the electrical panel to be able to gain a little space and install all the necessary protections.

In the previous state, the light box could not even be closed properly as shown in the photographs, where you can see that the second row of protections is unhooked.

So that our client’s price did not skyrocket, Eléctrica Mallorca used circuit breaker and differentials that could be used, adding the necessary new ones, to achieve the final result shown in the following three photographs.

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